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ICSG Releases New Edition of the Directory of Copper Mines and Plants (projections up to 2023)

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The Directory of Copper Mines and Plants highlights current capacity and provides a five year outlook of forecasted capacity for over 2000 existing and planned copper mines, smelters and refineries on a country by country basis, including separate tables for SX-EW plants. Salient details for each operation such as ownership, process, status, start-up/closure dates, etc are included and the Directory separates operations between Operating, Developing, Feasibility and Exploration status.

The subscription price for the annual service (2 issues) is €500 for subscriptions from ICSG member countries and €750 for subscriptions from non-ICSG member countries. Single copies are available for €400 per year (ICSG member countries), €600 per year (non-ICSG member countries). Delivery of PDF and Excel version through email.

At an additional cost of €200/€250 capacity data for copper mines, smelters and refineries may be accessed through ICSG interactive online statistical database allowing users to easily extract data suited to their analysis requirements.

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